Energies - Côte d'Ivoire: A grant for the first major solar mini-grid project.

Yesterday, the US Agency for Trade and Development awarded a grant to the Ivory Coast Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies for a feasibility study of deploying solar mini-grids to help provide electricity to nearly 200,000 people. The project represents Côte d'Ivoire's first use of solar mini-grids to advance its goal of universal access to energy by 2025.

"This project uses innovative energy solutions in support of Côte d'Ivoire's ambitious universal electrification program," said Todd Abrajano, COO and agency manager of USTDA.

Abdourahmane Cissé, Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies in Côte d'Ivoire said: “Access to energy creates economic development and Côte d'Ivoire is committed to providing access to energy. energy to all its citizens by 2025. We have been working over the past two years with our partners, including US Power Africa, to develop an off-grid action plan for rural areas. It's time to implement this off-grid action plan, and this grant from the US Agency for Trade and Development is essential to take a concrete step towards that implementation. "

Power Africa has been deeply invested in the creation of a legal and regulatory framework for the deployment of mini-grids in Ivory Coast since early 2019. These mini-grids will provide electricity to households, local schools, clinics health facilities and other critical infrastructure, including cell towers, cold rooms and irrigation.

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