CALL TO ACTION / Roadmap for the decentralised renewables sector to survive and flourish in the wake of the covid-19 crisis

CLUB-ER joins forces with the community of actors of access to electricity to speak with common voice on the situation of programs and projects of access to energy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please find here, as well as on the CLUB-ER website, the document intended to be an advocacy for a better consideration of the rural electrification sector.

Indeed, it is imperative that we prepare for the end of the crisis. The funds would risk being allocated to other sectors just as priority as ours

We invite each member to spread awareness messages. We have put some ready-made messages together (see below) which you could use for your communications and social media. You will also find some pictures in the online folder.


  • #COVID19threatens #energyaccessinvestments, the #wellbeingof rural populations & the pursuit of opportunities arising from a #reliablepowersupply.Read our joint recommendations to act now in our
  • Together with our Partners, we call upon governments, funders & philanthropies to create a ‘Global DRE Relief Fund’ to protect local economies, essential services & jobs in rural areas from the #COVID19impacts. Read more on our CfA!


  • #COVID19jeopardises DRE projects that power #essentialservicesto millions of people. Together with our Partners, we call for redirecting and adapting funding windows to the #DREsector. Read more in our CfA!

  • DRE systems sustain #wellbeing& #socioeconomicdevelopment in rural areas. In the face of the #COVID19crisis, ARE & its Partners urge governments to recognise the #DREsector as an essential service.Read more inour CfA!

  • #Offgridcompanies face significant risks related to the #COVID19crisis. Together with our Partners, we call for the provision of human & financial resources for technical assistance in the #energyaccesssector. Read our CfA!

  • The #DREsector stands ready tosupport governments in dealing with #COVID19 in rural communities by #poweringhealthsystemsand leverage distribution networks. Read how in our CfA


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