Madagascar: hybridation of 45 JIRAMA’s power plants
In Madagascar, JIRAMA, the national electricity company, plans to install 45 hybrid plants with a total capacity of 65MW. The infrastructure will operate from a renewable energy source to which will be added diesel for periods of non-availability.
These plants will mainly be located in regional capitals. The goal of this new direction is to achieve a reduction in the cost of generating electricity. This cost is currently 22 cents USD/kWh, according to the authorities.
It should be remembered that the country’s electricity sector is undergoing reform in order to satisfy national demand at an affordable cost. In fact, the obsolescence of certain installations, combined with the difficulties and the cost of acquiring fuel, has put the country in a situation of chronic energy deficit for several years. To get out, the authorities count, among others, on hydropower, whose national potential is 7’800MW for a 200MW only operation and on solar with a solar radiation higher than 2’000kWh/m²/year and an annual sunshine of more than 2’800 hours.
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