Electrified mini-grid localities in Africa

As part of the Green Mini-Grid Market Development Program (GMG MDP) in particular for one of its areas of work the "Market Intelligence Business Line", the CLUB-ER in partnership with CARBON TRUST develops a map of the mini-network in Africa.

The definition given to the Green Mini-Grid (GMG) is the isolated power grid powered by renewable or hybrid energies - less than 10MW power, to electrify households, productive uses and public services in rural areas.

This map (available for 18 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa) useful for promoters of mini-network projects and technical and financial partners. It will not duplicate the efforts of ESMAP, IRENA or other development partners to identify renewable energy localities.

The database is dynamic; it is planned to update the data regularly. Thus, the base is open and each of the actors can inform it for this update.

NOTE: 283 localities listed in the database do not yet have coordinates and will be shown on the map later.

 To access the database, please click here



 To access the map, please, click here


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